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Bengal cats are a unique and beautiful breed with personalities as distinct as their markings. Bengal cats are often referred to as the “cat for the dog lover” and for good reason. They are warm, attention seeking and, much like a dog, can be trained to fetch, obey any number of commands – even walk on a leash!

Bengal cats are relatives of the Asian Leopard cat.  Bengal cats are a cross between the breed and domestic short hairs although any found as pets today are at least 4 generations removed and as docile and friendly as any house cat.

Bengal Cats generally grow up to weigh between 8 -15 pounds and, unlike most cat breeds, are not averse to water. Don’t be surprised to if your new Bengal kitten wants to join you in the shower or chases a toy right into the tub. Be aware when watering plants or you might be watering a Bengal cat too as they have been known to run right into hose pipe streams with their mouths as wide open as their hearts.

Bengal cats are an intelligent, vocal and, sometimes, mischievous breed. They have been known to flick light switches on and off, step on remote controls to disrupt television viewing and cry wolf as if in pain when in need of attention.

Bengal cats love to climb and will often find their way to the highest point in a room before settling down for a nap. Unless, of course, you are laying down to rest. If so they will be right beside you purring and stealing the covers.

Bengal cats in general get along great with dogs, other cats and kids. In addition to being a friendly new family member Bengal cats shed very little – making them the perfect breed for clean freak cat lovers and owners with mild dander allergies.

You can read more about the genesis and history of the Bengal cat here,  or, if you’re ready to take the next step in adopting a Bengal cat of your very own you can start the process here.